Anonymous Marking of the OBU Research & Analysis Project

Oxford Brookes University has introduced a new way of marking students’ Research and Analysis Project. From Period 33 onwards, all RAPs will be marked anonymously to ensure every project is treated fairly.

Anonymous marking

You are therefore advised NOT to mention your name on any of the documents that you submit to the University. Instead, you need to state your ACCA number only.

The following documents (known as assignments) will need to be submitted:

  • Assignment Research Report – Word document.  Your ACCA number and the word count must be on the front cover.
  • Assignment Reference List – Word document
  • Assignment Skills and Learning Statement – Word document
  • Assignment Presentation – PowerPoint document (10 – 20 slides)
  • Assignment Excel Spreadsheet – Excel file. The spreadsheet MUST demonstrate the use of appropriate formulae. Screenshots or PDF files of a spreadsheet are NOT acceptable.
  • Assignment Appendices – various (pdfs, word) e.g. permission letter, questionnaire or interview guide, (if you are collecting primary data) and a resubmission statement if you are resubmitting your RAP.

Please ensure that you state your ACCA registration number on every document so that you can be identified for marking and award purposes.