Changes to the SLS questions

From submission period 43, the Skills and Learning statement will have 2 questions (rather than 4).  The questions are designed to encourage you to make personal reflections on your learning journey. 

You will need to answer the following two questions.

Q1: How have you developed, personally and professionally, as a result of undertaking the Research and Analysis Project?


  • what new skills have you acquired and how you developed them
  • the challenges you faced and how you overcame them

Q2: How will the experience of the RAP help you in the future?

Consider how this experience has:

  • made you more employable and capable
  • might influence your future plans in the short and longer term

The skills and learning statement should contain between 1,800 – 2,000 words.

Check out the “RAP changes SLS questions” video from the OBU YouTube channel.