Just like you, I had a million and one questions about the OBU degree when I started. Here’s a list of some of the most frequently asked questions.

How can I use you as my mentor?

If you are interested in becoming my mentee, have a look at what my mentoring package includes. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. The registration process is simple and we can start right away!

How do the meetings work?

We will have three official mentor meetings. To understand what to expect from each meeting, please read through the Information Pack.

If I get stuck and need your help, what can I do?

You can contact me anytime via email. I’m quick to respond and won’t leave you waiting for more than 24 hours (usually a lot less).

If my plans change, can I cancel or postpone my project?

Yes, you can. To find out more, please read the Terms & Conditions.

When do I submit the project?

There are two opportunities each year to submit the project –  May and November.

Which financial statements do I need to use for my RAP?

The Information Pack explicitly states how recent financial statements need to be. For more details, please read this article.

If I analyse some published financial statements, do I have to include them with my project?

DO NOT UPLOAD copies of the Annual Reports. Include the URLs of the reports in the reference list.

How important is the IT requirement?

Extremely important: If you do not show evidence of using a spreadsheet in preparing your Research Report, you are going to fail.

How important is it to reference properly?

Along with IT, failure to reference properly is the most common reason for failing the project. OBU follows the Harvard Referencing System. The references must be shown in two areas – in-text and in the ‘List of References’.

If I want to do a different topic what do I do?

You are required to choose one of the approved project topic areas as the basis for your RAP. You are not able to request to undertake a RAP based on a different topic.

What are the most common reasons for not passing?

  • IT – in particular not including reasonable evidence that a spreadsheet has been used
  • not referencing the project properly
  • not including copies of the PowerPoint/overhead slides etc used in the presentation to the project mentor
  • insufficient analysis of the information that the student researches, often because insufficient information of the right kind has been researched.

What happens if I have passed?

You will receive a certificate, normally within 3 months of the results letter and you will be invited to attend a regional graduation ceremony by Oxford Brookes University.

Do I get feedback if I don’t pass?

You will get feedback on your online mark sheet, which will indicate which areas you passed and which areas you failed.

How many times can I submit the project?

You may submit the project a maximum of 3 times.  For normal resubmission, the standard fee must accompany every submission.

If I fail do I have to start with a completely new topic?

Not necessarily – it may be that you just have to remedy the deficiencies indicated in your mark sheet. In that case, you may resubmit an amended report. The Research and Analysis Project is in 2 parts – the RR and the SLS. If you pass one of these you do not have to resubmit that part. For more details, please read the What is the RAP Resubmission process? article.

How do I request an award confirmation letter/transcript?

Transcripts can only be ordered by graduates of the BSc programme, who have successfully completed the degree. Transcripts and award confirmation letters can be ordered through the online shop.