How do I determine the class of my OBU degree?

The class of the Oxford Brookes University degree in Applied Accounting is based on two factors:

a) the ACCA average marks you achieved in the six Applied Skills Lever papers; and
b) the grade from your Research and Analysis Project

If you fail your RAP on the first submission, the grade is capped at C for any successful subsequent RR, even if your resubmitted RR is assessed at a higher pass grade.

If the average of your marks is not a whole number, it will be rounded up from 0.5.

The table below shows what class of degree you will be awarded depending on your ACCA average marks and the grade for your degree.

ACCA average markFirstUpper SecondLower SecondThird
68 and moreA, B, C---
67A, BC--
66AB, C--
60 - 65-A, B, C--
59-A, BC-
58-AB, C-
54 - 57--A, B, C-
53--A, BC
50 - 52---A, B, C


9 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    Hi Anna,

    I want to make sure from something, I am exempted from F4, so it will not be included also from the denominator, am I right?

  2. Anna Lishman says:

    Hi Jack

    If you exempt from F4, you will take the marks from F5 -F9 exams and divide them by 5.

  3. Jack says:

    Thank you Anna.

    Wish me luck

  4. Moni says:

    Hi Anna,

    I am exempted from f4 to f9. To avail the OBU Degree, I have planned to forfeit exemptions of f7, f8 and f9 as I need to pass these exams. As I am exempted from f4,f5 and f6, I am wondering how my OBU degree grade will be assessed? Thanks and best regards,

  5. Anna Lishman says:

    Hi Moni

    As per this article “If you have been given exemptions from papers F4 – F6, no marks are available and therefore are not included in the average mark calculation.”
    So you will just take the pass rates from the F7-F9 papers, divide by 3 to work out your average ACCA mark.

  6. Usama says:

    I am again plaining to submit RAP and planing to take your services as a mentor, as I have failed the RAP previously in period 30.

    Please guide as my average marks from F4 to F9 is 67.8% and from re-submission guide I came to know that I will get grade C no matter how well i have prepaid my RAP. ?? so what will be the class of my degree.


  7. Anna Lishman says:

    Hi Usama

    As you are resubmitting your RAP, you will be awarded grade C. Because of your average mark, you will get a first class degree.


  8. pink says:

    hi anna, quick question, is my 58.33 rounded of to 59, or 58?

  9. Anna Lishman says:

    If the average mark is not a whole number, it will be rounded up or down accordingly. Therefore 58.33 is rounded down to 58.