How to set your Research Aims and Objectives

One of the first tasks you need to do when starting your project is to set your research aims and objectives.

When setting up your research aim(s), think of it as an overarching goal of your research project. Most RAPs have one overarching aim. Remember that you only have 7,500 words so your aim and objectives have to be realistic and achievable within the given word count.

Once you have your aim set, you can then think about your objectives. The purpose of the objectives is to explain how you will achieve your research aim. The objectives need to be specific and achievable.

Ensure you set realistic, achievable research aims and objectives (think SMART). You are not producing a Master’s Degree or Doctoral dissertation, so limit yourself to what you can achieve within the set word count, structure and context of the research objectives.  Clear and realistic research aims and objectives are a must.

For more information, check out the OBU video on this subject.