Interview with my students from Period 29 (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the Interview with my students’ post. Today I will be talking to Abdul, Taimur and Osama.
1. Why did you decide to complete the OBU degree?

Abdul: The OBU BSc degree is a Hons Degree and is widely recognised. Just by submitting a RAP project, it gave me an additional qualification. For most of the jobs these days, the minimum criteria to apply is having a graduation degree. This is the reason I acquired my BSc degree with OBU.

Taimur: Personal achievement + Masters programme.

Osama: The reason why I chose to do the OBU BSc is because it is an opportunity to gain an additional degree from a reputable university which would look good on my CV and it will show prospective employers that I am regularly improving myself.

2. How long did it take you to complete the project (hours per week)?

Abdul: To be fair, it took me around 10 weeks to finish the project. On average 4-5 hours a week.

Taimur: I worked on stricter deadlines than most others. Weekends 9-5 and after work on weekdays from approx 6-7/8. Then I took two weeks off to work 7 days a week before submission.

Osama: The total period took to complete the project was around 8 months but I took about 7 months break in between. In terms of the actual work, it took me 3 full weeks.

3. What areas of the project did you enjoy the most?

Abdul: I quite liked the drafting of the report and the presentation part of the RAP. But I also liked the Skills and Learning statement. It just not only gives you the chance to reflect on what you have learned through the project but also through your ACCA studies.

Taimur: N/A

Osama: I enjoyed the research and analysis of the project, getting the data is an achievement but analysing it and making something out of it is mentally rewarding.

4. Which areas did you struggle with the most with and how did you overcome them?

Abdul: Gathering information and referencing is the most challenging part of the RAP. I allocated more time to find the appropriate sources of information and correctly referencing them.

Taimur: Selecting an appropriate company with an appropriate FY.

Osama: Maybe the most difficult part of the project for me was finding time to work on the RAP. To overcome it I dedicated specific time to work on it.

5. What would be the one piece of advice you would give to other students doing the degree?

Abdul: Don’t get somebody else to write your report or do your project. It should be your own work. It gives you an opportunity to practice your knowledge what you have acquired through ACCA studies. Do go for the degree, it will add an additional qualification to your CV.

Taimur: This is a mechanical exercise stick to the script as much as possible. With regards to academic value per sentence+ reference…don’t be afraid to be pedantic about it…It seems idiotic but it’s what gets you a pass mark.

Osama: Dedicate a specific time for work on the project, once you complete the project make sure you take your mentors advice and comments and apply them to the report.

I would like to thank Abdul, Taimur and Osama for sharing their experience with the OBU degree project.

I hope that many of you have found this interview informative and helpful.