OBU Industry Sectors applicable for Period 37-38

Students submitting their Research & Analysis Project in November 2018 (Period 37) or May 2019 (Period 38) are required to select sector specific organisations based on the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB). Please note this is only applicable for Topic 8 and 15.

As per the updated OBU Information Pack 2018-19, the sectors for Period 37 and 38 are:

1.1770 – Mining

  • 1771 Coal – Companies engaged in the exploration for or mining of coal.
  • 1773 Diamonds & Gemstones – Companies engaged in the exploration for and production of diamonds and other gemstones.
  • 1775 General Mining – Companies engaged in the exploration, extraction or refining of minerals not defined elsewhere within the Mining sector.
  • 1777 Gold – Mining Prospectors for and extractors or refiners of gold-bearing ores.
  • 1779 Platinum & Precious Metals – Companies engaged in the exploration for and production of platinum, silver and other precious metals not defined elsewhere.

2. 4533 – Health Care Providers

  • Owners and operators of health maintenance organizations, hospitals, clinics, dentists, opticians, nursing homes, rehabilitation and retirement centres. Excludes veterinary services, which are classified under Specialized Consumer Services.

3. 2730 – Electronic & Electrical Equipment

  • 2733 Electrical Components & Equipment – Makers and distributors of electrical parts for finished products, such as printed circuit boards for radios, televisions and other consumer electronics. Includes makers of cables, wires, ceramics, transistors, electric adapters and security cameras.
  • 2737 Electronic Equipment – Manufacturers and distributors of electronic products used in different industries. Includes makers of lasers, smart cards, bar scanners, fingerprinting equipment and other electronic factory equipment.

This rule applies to students who:

  • are submitting their project for the first time or
  • are resubmitting their project and changing their project to Topic 8 or 15.