OBU Industry Sectors applicable for Period 35-36

Students submitting their Research & Analysis Project in November 2017 (Period 35) or May 2018 (Period 36) are required to select a sector specific organisation. Please note this rule is only applicable for Topic 8 and 15. As per the OBU Information Pack, the sectors for Period 35 and 36 are:

1. Aerospace

  • Manufacturers, assemblers and distributors of aircraft and aircraft parts primarily used in commercial or private air transport. Excludes manufacturers of communications satellites, which are classified under Telecommunications Equipment.

2. Food products

  • Food producers, including meatpacking, snacks, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and frozen seafood. Includes producers of pet food and manufacturers of dietary supplements, vitamins and related items. Excludes producers of fruit juices, tea, coffee, bottled water and other non-alcoholic beverages, which are classified under Soft Drinks.

3. Hotels

  • Operators and managers of hotels, motels, lodges, resorts, spas and campgrounds.

This rule is applicable to students who:

  • are submitting their project for the first time or
  • are resubmitting their project and changing their project to Topic 8 or 15.

If unsure whether your selected organisation falls within the given industry sectors, review the ICB allocation rules.