RAP Viva Now Part of the OBU Marking Process

Applicable for Period 31 onwards, a sample of students will be selected at random to attend a viva – an oral examination that allows the student to explain their project and presentation.

RAP viva now part of the OBU Marking Process

The purpose of the viva is to evaluate your knowledge of your RAP. OBU will use a viva to confirm that the RAP is your own work. The viva will take place online using Zoom, Skype (or similar). The meeting is expected to last around 15 minutes and students can be asked about any aspect of their RAP

If you are selected to attend a viva, the OBU ACCA office will contact you to organise the time and location.

I believe this new process will increase the robustness of the degree which in turn will make the OBU degree even more respected in the eyes of the students and employers.