How to Reference Graphs, Tables and Pictures in your RAP

It is important to acknowledge and reference every source of information that you have used in your RAP. For more guidance on referencing, check out my OBU RAP Referencing Tips article.

This article explains and gives examples on how to reference the graphs, tables and pictures. Each of these has to contain a description and a reference to the original source.

Example 1: Graph

How to Reference Graphs, Tables and Pictures in your RAP

Figure 1: Net Profit Margin, Source: Appendix A

Ensure that every graph in your RAP contains the following:

  • a heading
  • a legend
  • both axis are appropriately labelled
  • keep the colour for the company (and its competitor) consistent for all graphs

Example 2: Picture 

How to Reference Graphs, Tables and Pictures in your RAP

Figure 2: Jet Fuel and Crude Oil Price 2008 – 2012, Source: IATA, 2013

  Example 3: Table

How to Reference Graphs, Tables and Pictures in your RAP

 Table 1: Overview of the Top 3 Costs – Increases for Company X and Company Y, Source: Appendix B

Please note that the list of Figures and Tables is not mandatory.


8 Responses

  1. mari says:

    Dear Anna

    I have a question on the title ‘How to reference graphs , table and pictures’.
    Those graphs and table are in the excel sheet I should make myself? if so How?
    One of the graph I want to insert is actually in the annual report already. Is it better not to use or somehow change a bit or as it is? If it is the case I can use the graph from annual report as it is? How can I insert in the excel?

    Thank you for your assistance in advance.

    Kind regards

  2. Anna Lishman says:

    Dear Mari

    Yes, you will need to calculate the ratios/KPI’s and prepare the graphs in the Excel. You will then need to paste the graphs into your RAP. If there is a graph in the annual report you wish to use, you need to recreate in the Excel.

  3. mari says:

    Dear Anna

    If I want to insert pictures(google image) into RAP , do I still need reference at the below of the pictures? Any limitation in terms of size of file?

    Kind regards

  4. Anna Lishman says:

    Yes, any picture you use from a resource needs to be referenced. In terms of size, you can always resize it to fit the page. Please ensure that all of the files you want to upload and submit online are less than 10MB.

  5. Ngọc says:

    Dear Ms Anna,

    I wonder if the graph was prepared by myself, would I still need to include reference? Like the source where it’s from???

  6. Anna Lishman says:

    You only need to reference the source of data in your excel workings. In your RAP, you need to reference your graphs back to your excel workings so that the marker can see where those graphs came from.

  7. Farzan says:

    how we do that?
    1st inset graphs in excel, then copy and paste them in RAP? then how we do referencing graphs, tables?

  8. Anna Lishman says:

    Hi Farzan

    You create the graphs in your spreadhsheet, copy them over to your RAP and reference them back to your workings e.g. Appendix 1. See how I referenced the first graph in the article.