“I am really pleased I chose Anna as my mentor because of the depth of her experience mentoring students for the RAP. Her online course and friendly nature took a lot of uncertainty out of the process. The meetings were always conducted very calmly and in an organised fashion. She also responded very quickly to emails about questions or reviewing draft documents which were very helpful. I would hand down recommend Anna to anyone who is looking for a really good mentor.”
Garima, UAE (P37)

“I am really fortunate that I found Anna as my mentor. From the start to the end, she has been the main reason that I have completed the project even within a short period. She is accessible all the time via email and her feedback to the documents were vital for me to improve the project to the level that I wasn’t expecting at the start. I have learnt a lot through this RAP project and all thanks to Anna.”
Angeline, UK (P37)

“I had found Anna very helpful throughout the mentoring process. She was very speedy in clarifying my doubts over the email and in understanding all the thoughts I put forward. I also really appreciate the dedication and care that she took while mentoring me.”
Louise, India (P37)

“Anna is a wonderful mentor, Her mentoring course was helpful and easy to understand and follow. From the very start, she was supportive and knew exactly how to guide me well. Her tips and feedback were very specific down to the last detail. She was prompt in answering emails. For me, the best part was that she was quite understanding and flexible. During the course of my RAP, I encountered many difficulties in my personal life that made me have to cancel many mentor meetings to a point where I felt I would not be able to submit my project on time. Anna agreed to reschedule my meetings and also encouraged me to finish on time and I am very grateful for that. I would highly recommend her as a mentor.”
Priya, Kenya (P37)

“If you are thinking of having an English speaking mentor, who is organised, professional and reliable, you have found her. I did the work and had found invaluable support in Anna who kept me on track and never forgot about me.”
Adrienn, UK (P37)

“I would highly recommend Anna as a mentor. Anna takes a very professional approach and was attentive and supportive throughout the process. She is very easy to communicate with and provided expert advice and encouragement that helped me to have confidence in my project.”
Rajiv, Guyana(P37)

“Anna is an amazing mentor who is very conversant with the whole mentoring process. I thoroughly enjoyed my mentoring process with her especially the online resources provided as part of the mentoring package, her promptness in responding to emails, the effective meetings and the detailed feedback I received throughout. I’m glad I picked the right mentor and I would definitely recommend her to everyone.”
Damilola, UK (P37)

“Anna is an excellent Mentor who is always only an email away for any worries or concerns her Mentees may have. She is dedicated and encouraging, offering a wonderful Mentoring Service.”
Noelle, Ireland (P37)

“Overall Anna provides an excellent mentoring experience which I found invaluable throughout the RAP process. Always approachable, helpful and informative, she provides well-structured feedback and advice. The online course materials are a perfect complement to the process, providing the right information at the right time.”
Amy, UK (P37)

“Anna has been an enormous help during this project. Her knowledge and feedback are excellent, and she helped me to develop a much better project than I would have otherwise.”
Penny, UK (P37)

“Anna is always there to respond to your emails, answer your questions and help you through the whole RAP process. When you are stuck, her encouragement gives hope. The RAP is not as easy as you might think, with Anna’s guidance it definitely is not as hard as you imaged.”
Ruby, UK (P37)

“Thank you for being such an amazing mentor Anna. I couldn’t have done it without your help and support!”
Laura, UK (P37)

“I would like to recommend Anna to anyone out there, who is confused and is looking for a mentor who guides him/her appropriately. Anna had been a wonderful mentor. She knew where and when a student requires guidance. Her useful advice was a crucial part of a successful RAP completion. The quality of service that she provided, I wouldn’t have been able to get it elsewhere. Her prompt responses to emails, her comments during the RAP review process and the mentoring course she provided me with, all played a very significant role in my RAP completion.”
Omaira, Canada (P36)

“Anna is a perfect mentor. She makes sure that she replies to emails within 12 hours as I have never received a reply later than this. She reviews each and every file so precisely that I feel there are hardly any chances of a mistake. I truly loved her mentoring. I feel she is very dedicated and responsible towards her mentee. My overall experience was just amazing.”
Gurleen, India (P36)

“When I saw the professionalism of Anna’s website I decided to choose her as a mentor. I made a great choice as she really helped me to develop my project and submit something I am happy with.”
Callum, UK (P36)

“Anna was a great mentor, she helped me a lot in the thesis, she gives feedback on all the questions and has experience in mentoring. I definitely recommend her as a mentor.”
Jean-Philippe, Belgium (P36)

“I found Anna’s online mentoring course to be a very useful guide to highlight the important points that must be addressed to successfully complete my RAP on time. I also found her to be very prompt in providing feedback via email.”
Fin, UK (P36)

“Anna is awesome. The online course helps you stay on track and she’s always there to answer any questions. She gives great advice and is always quick to respond. Highly recommended!”
Nevene, Jamaica (P36)

“I found Anna’s mentoring service excellent. From the very start, Anna was very supportive and gave me great guidance on my RAP. The online mentoring package is very useful as all the information needed is all in one place and easy to find. Anna’s email support is brilliant and her feedback is the best part of the mentoring as it was always trying to steer me in the right direction or helped me to ‘think’ more about what I was writing. I would highly recommend Anna’s mentoring service.”
Caitríona, Ireland (P35)

“The support from Anna during the process of writing my Research and Analysis Project has been tremendous. From the first introduction to the final details of my project, she has been a great support and mentor. Without her practical tips and fast feedback, my project would not have been so properly prepared at the delivery date. Thank you very much Anna!”
Steve, Switzerland (P35)

“I had failed my RAP and this was a big shock since I had excelled in all my ACCA papers. I had approached Anna mentor for my resubmission and she was ready to take up my RAP. Her guidelines helped me understand how to approach my RAP and how it is different from any other ACCA papers.
My mentoring experience with her has been excellent. One common reason most students fail is poor referencing. Her good knowledge in this area and continuous feedback on it is what provided me with the greatest confidence in this RAP. She also provides with some good tips on carrying out your RAP in an efficient manner which is seldom available elsewhere.
Her immediate replies are also one of the biggest advantages to help a student move forward. Anna mentor is able to strike the appropriate balance between guiding a student and encouraging creativity out of the student. This is a balance not many people are able to strike. My experience with her has been great and I hope other students can also take up this opportunity.”
Ila, India (P35)

“I found Anna service really helpful. It was the very first time I have to make this kind of a project and only because of her help I was able to finish this project. She has been very cooperative and flexible with regards to online meetings and was also very active in replying to all my emails. Her knowledge and experience regarding what is expected by OBU is invaluable.”
Rahul, India (P35)

“I would definitely recommend Anna. Professional, nice, always quick to respond and happy to help. You can be sure she will give you the direction you can trust.”
Chibeza, UK (P35)

“Anna was so helpful and speedy in replying whenever I had questions. The quality and content of the mentoring service is fantastic, and I would really recommend it! It’s been a pleasure to work with Anna.”
Eloise, UK (P35)

“Anna’s online course and support have been invaluable. I really appreciated the speed of response to my emails, which meant that I was able to work on my RAP without any delays – this was an amazing level of support. Being in Australia made no difference to our ability to communicate and Anna was really flexible with skype arrangements. Anna’s feedback was always positive, constructive and enthusiastic. It was reassuring that Anna has such extensive mentoring experience and was, therefore, able to guide me to the standard required.”
Myllyn, Australia (P35)

“I decided to use Anna as my mentor based on positive testimonials and I must say I was very impressed with her mentorship. Anna is very professional and reliable and her response time to my questions is usually within 15 minutes. She provides very useful tips and thoroughly reviews all documents submitted pointing out areas of improvement. I could not have completed the RAP without her. Thanks again Anna!”
Natasha, Jamaica (P34)

Anna is a fabulous mentor! All queries are responded to really quickly, sometimes within a few minutes!!! Anna gave me so much guidance and so many useful tips – I couldn’t have done it without her!”
Ruth, UK (P34)

“Anna has been most helpful and encouraging during the course of my RAP. She replies to my emails within very short windows and has been very accommodating to impromptu changes and will not hesitate to do her best to work something out. Her advice was not only concise and easy to understand but was also tailored to my project needs. Anna has been a great help; I would not have been able to complete my project without her patience and her generosity in being ready to help. I definitely recommend her service to my peers if they are to take on the OBU project. Thanks for being a great help, Anna!”
Alex, Singapore (P34)

“Anna was excellent in guiding me through my project. Quick email replies (mostly within 2 hours) enabled me to work continuously without any delay. I would recommend her 110%. You won’t regret if you choose her as your mentor. I was planning to do the degree about 6 years ago but was hesitant as I have never done a degree project before and didn’t know where to start. However, her excellent guidance gave me the satisfaction that I have prepared a very good RAP. All the credits go to Anna.”
Sanaa, UK (P34)

“The practical guidance was most helpful and a big improvement over my mentor from one of the big two mentoring establishments in the UK.”
Daniel, UK (P34)

“Anna was the third mentor I asked to assist me with my report and I must say, third time lucky! From the first email, throughout all the Skype conversations, until the very last email, before I submitted, Anna was very professional and helpful. She emailed me back within minutes everytime I asked questions. She was always very patient and kind towards me. I wish I had found her when I first started doing my report in 2016! Thank you so much for your assistance. I appreciate it so much!”
Desiree, South Africa (P34)

“Anna has been a great help and adviser during the entire process of preparing my RAP and all the supporting papers. She did not require from you like a strict teacher, but she somehow made you require from yourself and try to do it better. She never puts additional pressure on you and has been of great help with all the technical details about the research and the papers. I did not lose my motivation and have always felt her support.”
Desislava, Bulgaria (P34)

“I was very happy with Anna as my mentor, she was always so helpful, gave me guidance and would respond to my questions in a very short timeframe. Anna really helped build my confidence throughout the RAP process. An excellent mentor!”
Yasmin, UK (P34)

“Initially, I thought having an online mentor will be difficult due to the communication gap. However, Anna was very responsive and would provide her feedback immediately. With my experience with Anna, I believe that a supportive online mentor is beneficial than a physical mentor who would not give much attention. Thanks Anna for your help and support.”
Ali, Philippines (P34)

“Systematic guidance through the project and the flexible timings are the best parts about Anna’s mentoring. This type of project was a first time for me but her mentoring helped to make it a lot less daunting task than I thought it would be.”
Affan, Pakistan (P34)

“This was my second submission and after my first meeting in mid-March I had already started to work on my previous RAP but later in April, I realized the information I needed wasn’t available publicly. So, I had to change my topic and organization as quickly as possible to meet the deadline for submission Period 34. Changing topics within a short span of time was really tough but Anna guided me through every step and with her help, I was able to complete my RAP even before time. Anna is a great mentor!”
Filza, Kenya (P34)

“I loved her way of mentoring and responsiveness. Anna has a high sense of troubleshooting the problems and a talented way of mentoring the student to solve his/her problems. She is very good at time management and planning. She provides the necessary advice at the right time in a friendly and professional way.”
Mariana, Egypt (P34)

“The experience of conducting research was very challenging. I was really stressed with structure, information collection, referencing and realistic research question setting. Anna really helped at a high standard to take me through this difficult time and taught me how to stay focused and organised. I am really grateful for your support and shall definitely recommend you for your excellent guidance as a mentor. Thank you Anna.”
Shafiur, UK (P34)

“I would definitely recommend Anna’s mentoring to other ACCA students. Anna has supported me throughout the whole process by giving me quick feedback (always in less than 24 hours) and helping me to overcome all my weaknesses. I learnt a lot by working with her, we worked as a team and in the end, I was really happy with the final result and everything that I had learnt and achieved. Anna works closely with you and really cares about your progress. I couldn’t expect any more from a mentor, she exceeded all my expectations. Congratulations Anna for the excellent work!!”
Weslley, UK (P33)

“If you are a sceptic like me and unsure of which mentor to choose, look no further! I choose Anna’s mentoring after having read great reviews on her services. Anna is a professional and experienced mentor. She is qualified and highly knowledgeable. She is very easy to communicate with and a good motivator. Anna helped me to meet my deadlines and challenged me to think deeper into critical aspects of my RAP. She was always an email away and answered every and all of my little concerns/questions. She definitely goes above and beyond the three meetings requirement. Anna genuinely has a deep interest in helping her mentees succeed. I believe if you have a good mentor, everything becomes easy because you are always guided in the right direction. I could not have done it without her. I will always be thankful! Thanks Anna! Good luck new mentees!”
Kristie, Guyana (P33)

“Anna has been a great mentor. She was meticulous and very helpful. I found her to be very patient. She is easily reachable and is prompt at answering queries.”
Sana, USA (P33)

“A very rare quality of professional yet personal mentoring. Our mentor meetings were very useful in providing guidance and highlighting weak areas. Anna easily accommodated meeting times to suit my hectic schedule. Good value for money.”
Poonam, UK (P33)

“I am glad I chose Anna. This has been a very positive mentoring experience that has helped me to grow academically and professionally during the completion of the RAP. Anna offers a very reliable, flexible and supportive service, I would recommend her to anyone.”
Sabina, UK (P33)

“Anna is an encouraging, honest and passionate mentor. There were moments I felt under pressure and lost due to lack of time to review the vast amount of financial data. However, she spared me a lot of time and altered meeting deadlines which were in accordance with my writing capabilities.”
Anh Vo, UK (P33)

“Anna was an invaluable source of help, she provided me with help, support and clarity on my approach. I found her by reference from another student on a blog. Highly recommend – even when you lose your work, she has a talent for keeping you focused and calm. Thanks Anna!! :-)”
Ellie, UK (P33)

“I finished the ACCA Fundamental level in 2010. Since then, I was scared to do OBU RAP. This website has given me confidence and I was very lucky to have Anna as a mentor because in Somalia, only 2 mentees have done their RAP as far as I know and both of them were complaining about their mentors particularly due to responses delay of any question they rise. When I told them how long Anna takes to respond, they could not believe me.”
Mohamed, Somalia (P33)

“It was a pleasant experience to have Anna as a mentor. She kept in touch with me the whole time. The mentor meetings were very helpful as her guidance helped me understand better the OBU expectations. She was also really quick in answering my emails so that my doubts could be clarified. Anna made me feel very comfortable right from the first meeting. I sincerely thank her for all the efforts she put into helping me to successfully complete the RAP. Thank You Anna.”
Asha, Oman (P33)

“I am glad I had a mentor who is professional and well familiar with the program, and who dedicated the time to guide me during my project. Her notes, comments and advice are priceless and I really enjoyed working with her.”
Abdul, Bahrain (P33)

“Anna provides experienced, professional, world-class mentoring tailored to individual requirements in a particularly personable manner. I especially valued Anna’s flexibility and availability with regard to online meetings and the speedy response to queries. I highly recommend Anna.”
Clive, UK (P32)

“When embarking upon a daunting unfamiliar task like the RAP, I was not sure how to start or what was expected. Anna was so fantastic in leading me in the right direction and giving me the confidence to understand expectations of the paper and to nail them! Thank you!”
Russell, USA (P31)

“World-class mentorship. Anna has a deep knowledge and understanding of what is required for the research and analysis report. I received step by step guidance through each step of the preparation process with thought-provoking guidance.”
Nick, Kenya (P31)

“Anna was really helpful as a mentor, not only during the meetings but also between them when I had any questions or needed clarification on a specific area. She was always available and responded promptly to emails. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.”
Stephen, UK (P31)

“My experience as a mentee was a learning process throughout because whenever I had time to interact with my mentor I learnt new things that I improved on. I received encouragement and guidance throughout and what I enjoyed the most was the mentor’s flexibility and ability to accommodate the mentee in any circumstance at any particular time. I say so because, as a family man and an employee, with added RAP research responsibility, it was challenging at times to meet the deadlines. Also, the mentor’s timely response to mentee requests was excellent.”
Mutale, USA (P31)

“Anna was extremely supportive from the beginning to the end of my project. Working on RAP seemed like such a daunting task at first but her timely and insightful feedback on my work help me conclude on my RAP easily.”
Ganesh, UK (P31)

“Anna provided a professional and thorough service as my mentor. She is very knowledgeable and because of this I had complete faith and confidence in the feedback I received from her throughout our three meetings.”
Tom, UK (P31)

“Mentor services that I received was undoubtedly outstanding. She guided me throughout the research report. She showed excellent skills in providing the guidance to mentee whilst acting objectively in order not to violate the Oxford Brooke’s University rules.”
Saroj, India (P31)

Without Anna’s comprehensive guidance, the journey of completing my RAP would have been very tough for me. Thanks to her understanding of my needs she tailored her advice and guidance that made this journey smooth sailing for me. Anna possesses excellent communication skills and has a deep understanding of the RAP requirements.”
Nuaman, UK (P30)

“This was my second submission. I failed the first time in period 29 and I believe it was because I did not get a required guidance from my mentor. Anna was a brilliant mentor throughout the period. She helped me understand all the requirements and guided me as I worked on my report and it was really hard work this time compared to my previous report. She was very supportive and helpful, especially in the technical and professional areas. Anna is very accommodating and is always available to help if needed. I will always recommend Anna to other students who want to do this project.”
John, UK (P30)

“Anna is a professional and helpful mentor who is available at short notice and will always get back to you should you have a question. I enjoyed being her mentee a lot as she is always been great as a person and very thorough with her feedback and advice. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Tatiana, Cyprus (P30)

“Anna is an excellent and dedicated mentor and her mentorship has guided me throughout my journey in completing my OBU RAP. Her comprehensive guidance and constructive feedback have aided me to outperform myself in achieving a better outcome with my RAP. Overall, it was a great experience to have Anna as my mentor.”
Alfie, Brunei (P30)

“Anna is a very flexible mentor who responds to you very quickly once you have emailed her.”
Arnold, UK (P30)

“Anna’s help was vital during the process of undertaking my project. Thank you very much for your support as you did it until the very end!”
Barbara, UK (P30)

“It was the most helpful for me that Anna read my RAP drafts and guided me towards the layout structure that the OBU marker would like to see. Her experience regarding of what is expected from OBU is invaluable. Above this, I really appreciate that she was always available by e-mail and that I could absolutely rely on getting her feedback, even at a late hour. Our mentor meetings have never been subject to time constraints. Instead, Anna always took the time necessary to answer all my question. Thank you a lot for this support!”
Paul, Germany (P30)

“Anna was a very patient mentor. Her flexibility enabled me to reschedule my mentor meetings several times. She understands that you may be under pressure, she put you at ease in every step of the way. I will definitely recommend her mentoring to others.”
Yetunde, UK (P30)

“It was a great experience having Anna as a mentor. I believe her guidance and support were pivotal to me completing the project. The best thing I think is that Anna was available at all times and I was able to have all my doubts and queries very promptly answered. Also if a meeting could not take place on a scheduled date she was very accommodating in setting up a new date. All in all, a five-star mentor who I would recommend to anyone seeking to complete this project. I give her two thumbs up!”
Varun, India (P29)

“I would highly recommend Anna as your mentor. Her guidance and critical stance, as well as her encouragement, have been highly beneficial during my project. I appreciate her constructive criticisms and feedback, which allowed me to reflect upon many of the issues in the project and make decisions. Anna has been approachable and supportive throughout the project and I don’t know what would I have done without her!”
Tunde, UK (P29)

“It was a very positive experience. Anna kept in touch with me and provided support and direction during the whole period of work on the project. I managed to use my time efficiently and completed all elements of RAP on time.”
Aleksandr, Russia (P29)

“Anna has been very helpful throughout the RAP. Her response time was really quick. She was always there when I needed some help. She helped me a lot in improving my project. Every time I thought my project was good enough to pass, she kept pushing me to improve. In the end, I could see the improvement I made. I highly recommend her mentoring services.”
Abdul, UK (P29)

“Anna’s mentoring helped me throughout the whole RAP and I would like to recommend it to other ACCA students who want to take this OBU RAP. Thank you, Anna.”
Xinjing, UK (P29)

“Anna is a professional and talented mentor, she was very helpful through my RAP. After my experience with her, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend her.”
Osama, UK (P29)

“I found myself like any mentee not knowing where to start.  As soon as I had signed up for Anna’s mentoring program there was a wealth of information available to me.  From our first meeting right up to when I submitted by RAP Anna guided me and gave me the support I needed.  She was available for me to email if I was having problems and was always prompt with her replies. She provided good feedback on my RAP and highlighted areas that I needed to work harder on.  This continued support throughout the RAP was more than I had expected from my mentor.  The mentor meetings were arranged around me even when I asked for 8:00 meetings and this was really appreciated. I found her mentoring program extremely helpful and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a mentor.”
Kerry, UK (P28)

“The mentor meetings went smoothly and they were very informative, e.g. providing guidance on how to select an appropriate research topic and the company to base my research on. Anna gave constructive feedback and helped me to see where my weaknesses were both in my analysis and the presentation slides. Her questions and guidance helped me understand the requirements of the project. Although I live in a different country and time zone, communication was never an issue as we used internet tools like email and Skype. She is rather flexible about the appointment time too. Anna uses Google Hangouts for the third mentor meeting, which includes a 15 minutes presentation, which turned out to be very convenient for me as it was conducted from my home. Overall, her mentoring package is a great value for money.”
Adeline, Singapore (P28)

“I had the privilege to work with Anna as my mentor whilst doing my OBU degree. What I liked about Anna as my mentor was that our communication was informal so I felt at ease communicating with her and ask her help for any issues I had trouble with. Anna also gave me prompt replies which were convenient especially when I was working toward the deadlines. Furthermore, Anna also provided helpful information documents such as referencing, pre-submission checklists, and other information that I needed to know in order to increase my chances of passing my degree. Overall, it was a very satisfying experience and I was glad to be her mentee.”
Aiman, UK (P28)

“I found Anna’s mentoring very helpful and convenient as she communicated very well and answered any questions fairly quickly. Her feedback during my project preparations was relevant and motivational which helped me to complete my project effectively.”
Karamjeet, UK (P28)