RAP word count has increased to 7,500 and what this means for you

The OBU Information pack was updated during November 2013 submission period to include the new word count rules. The RAP word count used to be set at 6,500 but it has increased to 7,500.

In this article, I would like to highlight to you the old and new word count rules.

The old word count rules of 6,500 included:

  • tables that include written analysis (e.g SWOT analysis table)
  • section headings
  • in-text citation

  • title page
  • contents page
  • words used in tables and graphs and other forms of data presentation
  • equations and diagrams
  • list of references
  • appendices (no more than 8 sides)
  • extract of the financial statements
The revised word count of 7,500 includes:

  • everything from the start of the title page to the end of the conclusions
  • words included in the tables and graphs within the body of the report

  • appendices
  • list of references
  • extract of the financial statements 
One thing I would like to point out is that your RAP report needs to be at least 7,000 words otherwise you are unlikely to pass.

Just to confirm, the word count for the SLS remains unchanged at 2,000 words.