What is the RAP Resubmission process?

The results for the Oxford Brookes Degree degree in Applied Accounting are released in March and September. I wish you good luck and I hope that you all receive the good news and pass!

The following rules apply to the RAP resubmission. The first table lists which part of the RAP you should resubmit, and if you failed your RAP, you must also review the Second table.

If you have failed your RAP, ensure you familiarise yourself with the resubmission process. The process itself is not complicated, but there are certain points that I would like to highlight to you in this article.

• All students have three attempts to pass their RAP. If you do not pass after a third submission, then, unfortunately, you will no longer be eligible to complete the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting degree and you will not be able to resubmit.

• When you resubmit, you must be eligible to submit in that period.

• You are NOT required to resubmit at the next submission period. Students often find benefit from taking the time to consider what went wrong.

• Anonymous marking is adopted, so please identify yourself in any documentation using only your ACCA number and not your name.

• Resubmissions will always require at least the full project Fee to be paid. Students who have been found guilty under the Academic Conduct procedures may be asked to pay a higher fee for resubmission.

If you are resubmitting and are not changing to a new topic, then you must use the previous topics (see the old version of the Information Pack).

To resubmit, you need to log on to the submission portal. You will be prompted to register for the next submission period. A guide is available on the web pages.

Resubmission of the Research Report (RR)

You can choose either to keep the same topic or choose a new topic from the current topic list. If you decide to change the company you are researching and analysing or the topic then the RAP passes previously achieved will not be carried forward.

When resubmitting your RAP you must include the RAP Resubmission Statement of 500 words, explaining how you have addressed the feedback provided by the marker and moderator and where you have made changes.

Resubmission of the Skills and Learning Statement (SLS)

If you passed the SLS in full (both the Skills Learning Statement and the Presentation), you don’t have to submit them again. If you passed one of the SLS sections, you should not amend that section.

If you passed your SLS, you don’t have to have mentor meetings again. However, you may find it useful to meet with your mentor if:

a) You decide to submit a different Research Report and/or
b) You generally feel that you need help from your mentor.

You do not have to use the same mentor for a resubmission. If you failed your SLS, you don’t need to have three further meetings with your mentor but you must meet them at least once. This will help you re-consider where you went wrong in your SLS. 

For more information about the resubmission process, please read the OBU Information Pack.


12 Responses

  1. Attaullah khan says:

    I selected topic 8 and failed my Project due to the sls and presentation. As per the markers comments ..My sls was descriptive and presentation Contained lots of information which couldn’t be presented in fifteen minutes. Now I want to know should a resubmit my whole sls? I have passed my RR. Do I need to update my RR to current year.
    do I need to include the one meeting with my mentor in sls question one or somewhere else?
    please guide me.

  2. Anna Lishman says:

    As you have failed both the SLS and the presentation, both will have to be resubmitted. There is no need to submit your RR as you have passed it. You don’t need to have three further meetings with your mentor but you must meet them at least once. This will help you re-consider where you went wrong in your SLS. You will need to get your submission form re-signed by your mentor.

  3. waqar says:

    Dear Anna,

    Previous submission I have passed SLS and presentation, but now I am re-submitting same topic and same organisation, please guide as I want to change the mentor becz of obu requirement so if I change the mentor should I have to again submit the SLS along With RAP or just RAP?

  4. Anna Lishman says:

    Dear Waqar

    There is no need to resubmit documents that you have already passed if you change your mentor. In your case you only need to resubmit your RAP.

  5. Gourav says:

    Hi Anna,

    I failed my RAP but did pass my SLS and presentation last year, i am considering re-submitting my RAP in same topic but with different organisation this time. Should i re-submit my new SLS too ?Will i need a mentor again?Kindly help me understand this.


  6. Anna Lishman says:

    Hi Gourav

    As you have passed both SLS and Presentation, you wont be required to submit them again, even when you change the company. You are not required to have a mentor when resubmitting the RAP only, but some students choose to do so.

  7. Zeeshan Rasheed says:

    Hi Anna,

    I failed my RAP and SLS. The main reason for RAP failure is incorrect referencing. Many of my RAP sections are passed. I used the financial statements June ended 2012-14. Now financial statement for June 2014-15 is also available. I want to know whether i need to update my RAP according to latest F/S or i can use the previous RAP for submission period 31. Kindly guide me.


  8. Anna Lishman says:

    Hi Zeeshan

    The rule states that if there are more recent FS available, you must update your RAP when resubmitting it. But you dont have to use the latest FS if there were published in less than 90 days prior to the submission period starting.

  9. hassan sajjad says:

    hi Anna,
    i passed my RR but failed the SLS, in which presentation is cleared and self reflection is failed. So for self reflection, will i have to re do all the 4 questions or just the 1st question? as my mentor told me that self reflection is only question 1, but what i read online is otherwise. I read that all 4 questions make the self reflection part. Please advice

  10. Anna Lishman says:

    Hi Hassan

    You will need to resubmit the whole SLS and correct answers to those questions that the marker has failed you for. The SLS is all four questions, not just Q1. Remember to also submit the Resubmission Statement.

  11. Sam says:

    Hi Anna,

    I failed my RR and SLS for topic 8. Reason was not using latest financial statements. I have been asked to resubmit with updated financial statements. I am planning to submit in P32. I have one question, my last project report was in oil industry and checking the latest guidelines of OBU submissions for P32 & P33 there are 3 defined industries Airlines, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology and Mobile Communications, if I change my industry do I have to submit the resubmission statement and have to meet with my mentor? Or is it wise to just stick to my old industry and update my RR and SLS?

  12. Anna Lishman says:

    Hi Sam

    If you change your organisation, you won’t need to submit the full resubmission statement and it will be up to you whether you wish to meet with your mentor again. Whether to stick with your old industry or not is down to you. Things to consider are access to various sources of data, knowledge of the industry, etc.