When can I complete the OBU Research and Analysis Project?

As I mentioned in my Why should you do the OBU degree in Applied Accounting article, completing the degree will provide you with many benefits, e.g. enhancing your future career prospects, learning many valuable skills and so on.

When is the best time to work on my RAP?

It can be stressful and time-consuming studying for the ACCA exams and working on your Oxford Brookes University degree.

The good news is that I provide mentoring all year round which allows students to complete their Research and Analysis Project over summer/winter months. For example, you can start the project in June, complete it by September and have it ready for the November submission. 

Every student is different. Some of them don’t mind with completing their degree whilst studying for their ACCA exams, others would prefer to complete their project over summer/winter. This allows them to devote sufficient time and effort to the project.