Where do I submit my OBU RAP?

From Period 40 onwards, OBU will be accepting RAP submissions through their new submission portal. To learn more about the new submission process and to access the submission portal, please visit the OBU Project Submissions Page.

You can access the submission portal directly from here.

Before you can submit your files, you will need to register. Do NOT register until you are ready to submit. OBU has provided a handout to help you with this process – Registration on the Oxford Brookes RAP submission portal.pdf

Once you have successfully registered, you can go ahead and submit the required files and pay the submission fee. Please follow the set-out instructions carefully – Submission of Research and Analysis Project.pdf

After you have submitted your files, you will have the opportunity to process the submission fee payment.

Should you experience any difficulties with the online payment facility, or you are unable to pay in this way, contact acca@brookes.ac.uk

Please note that OBU will not release your RAP mark until the submission fee and any outstanding ACCA fees are paid. If you do not pay the submission fee by the end of February (for the November submission) or the end of August (for the May submission) there will be a significant delay in releasing your results.